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Looking for a Training Dagger for Research


I was wondering if someone would be willing to send me a training dagger so I can research it. Level doesn't matter just need the training trait on it. You can send it to me Cash On Delivery and I will pay what ever you feel is appropiate for it. I need the trait and will be using double training daggers to level up my duel wield tree. 

Also looking for a Training trait medium armor chest as well but this is low priority. 

I am currently at work and will be home later today to pay for said item. Thank you.


if you don't receive it in the mail when you get on contact me directly and I will make sure you get one


I'm also looking for the exact thing, for researching purposes too... If one of you could send me one also, I'll kick you some gold for it....  


Thanks guys!


edit::: just looking for the daggers


I'll get at you today when I get home. I forgot to check back on the forum yesterday. 



Not to intrude, but I wanted to let you know that in our forums is an area dedicated to crafting exchange. I'm just going to be redirecting some posts from the General forums into that area to help make navigating the very popular General Discussion area a little easier. In the future, just post your crafting inquiries there. Thanks!

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