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I was in Craglorn on Monday and was trying to trade Nirnhoned items for the ones I currently do not have. Gamertag Darthbazer said he didnt have any to trade but he would do them for a tip if I provide the nirncrux. I am a very trusting individual and he sounded like a honest guy. Lone behold, he was not. I traded him he 3 nirncrux and he then began his deception. He said he had internet issues and couldn't push any buttons and that he would need to relog. I gave him the benefit of the doubt as I have disconnect issues as well at times. 15 minutes later i saw him logged on and messaged him can we get this trade completed I have other things I could be doing. He xbox live msg me "You caught me at a bad time bro. Low on cash. You seem chill too, but I like thieving." I was duped and scammed for 3 nirncrux. It felt as if someone had stole from our guild as I am trying to complete the set to offer to all guildies. I Needed to get the word out. I Finally got someone (PocketAnomaly) that knew him and he was in their guild. As I warned him of his actions and Darthbazer got offensive and started trolling with his friend Lastoreoandmilk saying he leveled up his legerdemain when he stole from me in area chat, they went on with insults for another 30 min in Belkarth Bank while I tried to post more items for sale. He then messaged me "How stupid I must be for falling for this." In the meantime PocketAnomaly was getting a hold of the guild leader  NO THUGZ. NO THUGZ eventually saw the proof and removed Darthbazer from their guild. NO THUGZ is part of Guilfoyle Trading Company in Rawl'kha and many other well connected Trading guilds. I am starting this post so we can see names of people that are a poison to our community. I know have to take extra precautions to make sure this doesn't happen again.

If someone has scammed you and used your trust for their gain tell us what they did and where so we can pass the word.





Thanks for pointing this out because nobody wants to have to go around second guessing every interaction they have with other players. It's definitely a shame that people would try and hustle other players for the sake of in-game achievements. On Monday morning in Rawl'kha I watched a minimum of five players trying to run a scam at the blacksmith station involving what they called a duplication glitch where if you gave them $10,000 they would then return $20,000. Luckily these players weren't particularly clever, and were run off in short time. It's good to know that the situation you found yourself the victim of was dealt with, and even if there isn't any restitution, at least there was a resolution. It also should be pointed out that this was brought to Taxman's attention by NO THUGZ, and with that kind of inter-guild cooperation, hopefully we won't see any future examples of this sort of immoral nonsense. 

The only thing I would suggest moving forward is to try reaching out to some of the trusted members of this guild. Everyday I hear people willing to help each other out by offering whatever expertise or resources they can. Often times they provide their help free of charge, but even when they do charge, we can at least have confidence that they aren't going to try and screw us over. That's not to say you shouldn't network among the TESOTU community, just be sure you're taking every precaution. We don't want to see our guild mates taken advantage of or just plain ripped off.

Sorry you had to go through this Kainstryke, but hopefully you've saved the rest of us the headache and the hassle.


Ive been playing this game for two years and last time I played a player was very rude to me he insulted me and made fun of my religion and personal feelings about music and stuff and he called me a fag and a liar and a worthless piece of crap and like a dozen other things . His name is joshhewitt1882 . I was in zone chat asking about a dungeon group and than out of no where he just berated me for 5 minutes . I would appreciate it if he was blocked permanently from eso . I already blocked him on psn . I don't want anyone else to have to deal with this player hes just a troll who hurts people for fun he shouldn't be allowed to play eso if he's gonna hurt people's feelings.  He is literally a horrible person he plays on the North American mega server every day  but he should be blacklisted on the Europe mega server aswell as the North American server  . He made three different guilds disband because of his rude comments and his derogatory insults and he has harassed me every time he sees me online in zone chat . Please someone report this troll . Im unable to log on to eso because my internet connection is bad and my play station doesn't work right sometimes.

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