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Need medium armor traits



Hey guys, looking to trade some traits,  here is the list of medium armor traits I need:

JACK- training, infused, nirnhoned 

BOOTS- training

BRACERS- sturdy, training,  divines, nirnhoned 

HELMET- impenetrable, training, infused, divines

GUARDS- sturdy,  training,  exploration

ARM COPS- reinforced, infused, nirnhoned

BELT- impenetrable, exploration, divines

Oki, so that's what I need,  have almost all wood working traits,  a good bit in blacksmith and light armor. If you'd like to do some trait trades msg me on XBOX, GT Demon Kitty X. Thanks guys! 

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I sent you

Jack - infused

Boots - training

Bracers - sturdy and training

Helmet - impenetrable, infused and divines

Guards - exploration

Arm cops - reinforced and infused

Belt - impenetrable


I need the lightning staff training trait if you have it.


For Clothier and Blacksmith I still have a backlog of items to research. Maybe you can help me when I run out.




I don't have training on lightening staff yet, unfortunately.  But I'll be more than happy to him you up with what toy need after your back log thank you!  :)

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