Dueling Tournament


Introducing the first annual LIVE AT HAMMER DEATH Duel tournament! Defend our guilds honor against the apposing guild Warriors of Mournhold. 10v10. Lets kick their ass. (promo coming soon)

1st Place- 300K
2nd Place- 150K
3rd Place- 50K
Recognition of Victorious Guild
~Winning Guild will be recognized in each participating guilds MOTD~

Ultimately the challenging guilds GM will decide which respective champions from their own guild will enter the tournament. If you are interested in joining please message (GT) Juke N Swerve IN GAME with the following information included. (May be subject to an entrance fee in the future)

(Enter the character you wish to enter, you may not change characters once entered)
Guild: Guilfoyle Trading Company
Gamer tag: Juke N Swerve
Character name: General Mikalous
Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Class: Dragonknight

Falsification of information may lead to your disqualification from the tournament and potential termination from your guild at the discretion of the GM.

If you have a guild and wish to join in the competition you must contact (GT) Juke N Swerve for admittance. Your guild must have at least 10 members, a heraldry, and time to be filmed for upcoming videos. There is no minimum participation rule meaning it is acceptable to have one or more Warriors represent your guild. (Entrance fees may apply in the future)

Initial duels will be subject to a 10 minute timer. Later duels will have that timer extended to 15 minutes. If that timer is exceeded, and neither dueler has died, a panel of three judges (Juke N Swerve and two Arena Guild officers) will decide on a winner. Their decision is final.

One duel will run at a time, and they will be moderated by the same panel.

The list of duels will be published shortly after the registration closing date, of Friday April 7th 2017 @ 13:00 CST. Registrations after this date will be rejected.

Initial duels will be selected randomly, generated by a cold hearted machine.

You will not be able to change build - including skills - in between duels. Your build must be the same build throughout. If you are found to be using different skills you will be disqualified!

During duels:

You can use food / drinks.
You can use pots. (No poisons or immovable)
You can use ultimate's (but will expected to start on 0% ulti by using them on a judge prior to the duel starting).
You can't stay in stealth for a period longer than 10 seconds during a duel.
You can't run away from duels, use line of sight or leave the designated dueling area.
You can't make any changes to build or set up during a duel, or call for a pause for any reason. Be prepared to fight when the duel begins.

The only players allowed in the arena during the duels are the 2 current dueling members, camera man, and the panel of three judges (if needed). All other contestants must wait outside of the arena. IF ANY PERSON(S) NOT MENTIONED ABOVE ENTER THE ARENA DURING A DUEL THEY ARE IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED. (If the person(s) are not removed the guild responsible will be disqualified.)

The tournament will be simple single elimination based.

The decision of the judges / moderators will be FINAL. You cannot disagree with their decision, and poor behavior during the tournament will result in removal from the guild and / or disqualification.

All official bets must take place prior to the initial round. Official bets are only based on which individual contestant you wager will win the tournament. Official bets cannot exceed 50K and will be tripled upon winning. Unofficial bets can be handled in anyway you wish. Message Demon Kitty X to place a bet IN GAME with money attached, the title "BET", and the name of the contestant as the message.


As our first little tourney, to guage interest and participation, this will be a smaller deal. Bigger things in the future guys ;)


Hi there! What I wanted to say is to thank you for the provided entry! Scrolling down the page, I was able to learn something vital! 


Hi there! What I wanted to say is to thank you for the provided entry! Scrolling down the page, I was able to learn something vital! 


Hi there! What I wanted to say is to thank you for the provided entry! Scrolling down the page, I was able to learn something vital! Perhaps, you will enjoy available for free. 


it’s a shame to see the jekll’s series come to an end, so informative and well laid out :( now chose read on on the latest builds and updates from mmo, they care to keep their stuff current so it’s worth looking if you’re after latest tips n tricks ;)

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