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Please make sure that you scroll down to the We Are Guilfoyle Trading Company section. We expect that you read ALL of the New & Applying Member Information before you apply.
Last Updated 02/26/17
Last Updated 02/26/17

We Are Guilfoyle Trading Company,

[XBOX][NA] Please read through all of the information on this front page before you apply. We update the post below as often as we can so that new members will know what they are getting in to and so that our existing members can have access to to all the information they need in regards to our evolving policies, fundraising events, and other general information. The following links will jump you to the section of our front page that pertains to you.

New & Applying Member Information Last Updated 02/26/17
Existing & Seasoned Member Infomation Last Updated 02/26/17

New & Applying Members Information

1. We are now a Multi-Faction Guild with the new updates allowing cross faction play but we are originally an AD Guild and will always be yellow at heart.

2. We are a  max membership guild looking to replace inactive members with those who want to be a part of what we are trying to accomplish and are actively recruiting said people, you.

3. Our guilds are primarily made up of adult gamers and we would like to keep it that way.  Moving forward if you can't legally purchase alcohol or at least trick us in to thinking you can based on the way you represent yourself in chat and forums this may not be the correct guild for you.

4. Our main focus is to work together to ensure that we always have a guild trader hired in order to maximize all of our in game financial gains.  This is not easily accomplished and is the driving factor behind everything we do.

5. We expect at minimum for all of our members to make weekly deposits into the guild bank.  More information on our policies for guild bank deposits can be found here @ Guild Bank Contributions Rules & Regulations. That being said we prefer our members to be active beyond that expectation.  We once had very chatty group in GTC guild channel #1 which we would love for you to come visit and help us breath life back in to it.

6. We are affiliated with other highly active and effective trade guilds and our store is located in the prime trader location of Rawl'kha.

7.  We have multiple fundraising events we hold weekly to help ease the pain of making guild bank donations. We have both a Weekly Raffle SystemHigh Roller Lottery System.  You can find more information on either by clicking on the appropriate links. (** fundraising event rules and regs need updates**)

8. We have a Facebook Group Please join us there if you are intent on becoming a part of our team.  We also have a Group Me chat which you are welcome to join the link can be found at the news section of our front page here.

9. We try to provide our members with helpful information in our forums.  We have multiple guides and helpful links that can be found all over this page.

10. Every week we have special raffles and events that our guild runs. Many of these raffles and events change from week to week. All of this information is consistently updated, and can be found @ the Important News section of our front page near the top.

11. Recently we have begun running quite a few PvP events.  Please join us in GTC Guild chat 1 for more information regarding these events ** Currently on hold as people are just starting to come back and put something together **

12. Thank you for taking the time to read about the above information about our guild. If you believe that this guild is the right fit for you and would like to become a part of our trading community then you can either apply by clicking the Apply to Guilfoyle Trading Company link either here or the link that can be found by scrolling up to the very top of the page, in the center of your screen. 

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Feedback ~ If you find your way to this site and are not able to use certain functions or have problems navigating it please let me know so that I can make the necessary adjustments.


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Seasoned Members

1. All seasoned member should regularly check our guild policies forum page to make sure that you are constantly informed and up to date. All the latest information such as our required bank deposits, weekly raffle, lottery system, and company ranking system can be found there. (** all policies under construction**)

2. In an effort to provide as much information as possible to all our guild members, we have decided to allow all members to post guides in the guide section of the forums. If you decide that you would like to post a guide to help out your fellow guild members, please make sure it is properly formatted and kept up to date.

3. There are now links to many helpful guides on the right hand side of your screen titled Helpful Guides and Information. These links include skill calculators, interactive maps of the game, and even individual guides for every crafting skill in the game.

6. Every week we have special raffles and events that our guild runs. Many of these raffles and events change from week to week. All of this information is consistently updated, and can be found in @ Weekly Event Information for more information.


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