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Rules and Regulations Links can be found on the left hand side of the site under guild information.  If you have gameplay questions check the links on the right hand side under helpful guides and information.  Please read through these before you inquiry about these subjects. 

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Moving Forward all Raffle Systems and General Rules apply to all of our guilds.  Additionally all of our Social Media is meant to be cross guild.  Anything labeled as Guilfoyle Trading Company applies to and includes all of the guilds associated in the Guilfoyle Trading Company Family

Guilfoyle Trading Company


We Have a Group ME! Every member is now invited to my new group Guilfoyle Trading Company on GroupMe as well as our Facebook Group @ GTC Facebook Group



Important - <We are looking for people to take on roles in GTC to run dungeon groups & PvP groups please contact us directly or come in guild chat 1 in GTC and find us (Demon Kitty X, or Juke N Swerve)

Raffle & Lottery Information

GTC Guild Lotto System ~ Lotto Prize Pool : 1.5 M!!
Lottery System Rules & Regulations.

GTC Last Weeks Raffle Winners:
 Gold Raffle: ~ Winners ~ <TBA> @TBAK Each

Special Note: Running these events takes a lot of time and effort please consider tipping the person awarding you with the prize as they are typically the ones putting in all the hard work to help create a fun & interesting community to be a part of.

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